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Veterans Health Care Assistance for Veterans in Tindal

If you a Tindal veteran living in the Northern Territory who has recentlyleftthe ADF due to injury or illness acquired during your time in service, one of your first stepswill betheneed to secure outstandingveterans health care in Tindal. Established in 2019 by Dr Thomas Perkins, an ex ADFdoctor, Veterans Health Centre (VHC)was createdto deliver veterans an unmatched level of care.

The team at VHC, all ex-ADF servicemen and women, understand the difficulties faced when transitioning back to civilian life. They also recognised the negative impact that dealing withthe DVAcan have on this process and their recovery from illness and/or injury. VHC is committed to helping ease or eliminate this stress, providingqualitysupport for veterans when they need it most. 

Veterans Health Care is a Specialised Service

When it comes to securing premierveteranshealthcare in Tindal, youwon’t find anything likeVHC. Our well planned and balanced approach involves so much more than clinical treatments for physical and mental health. As part of ourservices,we also handle all aspects of DVA claims completion and submission. This helps ease the stress and anxiety linked to claims, giving veterans room to focus on what matters most.

We have seen first-hand the negative impacts that dealing with the DVA can have on the recovery process. That is why we handle DVA required assessments,associatedpaperwork, sourcing of supporting documents and final submission on behalf of our patients.

Alongside this comprehensive DVA support, we also provide the following bulk-billed services related toveteranshealth care in Tindal:

  • Initial liability assessments and claims
  • Permanent Impairment Assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • GP Management Plans
  • Team Care Arrangements
  • Mental Health Care Plans and more.

Part of what allows us to deliver such world-class healthcare is our network of trusted professionals. This network includes psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and other specialists. Through consultation andcollaboration,we create tailored plans forveteranshealth care in Tindal.

This holistic approach makes securing support for injury management, pain management, chronic illness management, mental health services support and management and musculoskeletal injuries easier than ever.

Something we also value and focus on at VHC is social support. Part of our role involves facilitating opportunities for veterans to make new friendships, reconnect with their identity outside of service and engage in “compassionate bridging”.This is whywe also work closely with social support services such as Mates4Mates.

Genuine Care for Veterans in Tindal

As part of your wider ADF family we offer care that comes from a place of genuine understanding that only a shared experience of life in service can bring.This is whyyour first call for health post discharge should be to the Veterans Health Centre.

You’ll never needface awkward explanations or misunderstanding from health professionals with no ADF experienceagain. Work with VHC and reap the benefits of our extensive resources, trusted connections and in-depth understanding of the inner working of the DVA. We help you achieve your goals andfacilitateoptimal claims outcomes.

Wherever you are in your journey post discharge and dealing with the DVA, forveteranshealth care in Tindal,contact Veterans Health Centre today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726)

At Veterans Health Centre our focus is on making veterans feel as comfortable as possible and equipping them with the tools and connections they require to make an optimal recovery.

Premier Care for Our Veterans in Tindal

VHC’s dedication and genuine care of our veterans is evidenced through the provision of care for those living well away from our Brisbane clinic. We offerveteranshealth care in Tindaland Katherine as well as other areas of the Northern Territory.

No matter their location,our team works hard to ensure that all veterans receive the care,compassion and support they deserve. Should we be unable to assist via our clinic for any reason, we will do whatever we can to assist with referring you to a trusted alternative close to your location.