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9 Sep 2020 Update – DVA Diagnoses done!

Today we helped a currently serving ADF Member who is is the process of discharging from the ADF. Over the course of an hour, we worked through a lengthy history, completed 9 DVA Diagnosis forms to assist with his DVA claims, worked through some possible claims that...

DVA’s guides to assess compensation

DVA’s guides to assess compensation

DVA's guides to assess compensation Courtesy of https://www.dva.gov.au/financial-support/compensation-claims/laws-cover-claims/our-guides-assess-compensation This page provides a brief explanation of the legislative instruments used to assess the degree of incapacity...

TYPE 2 DIABETES RISK EVALUATION HISTORY updating the patient's history PREVIOUS CARDIOVASCULAR RISK List any previous cardiovascular risks PREVIOUS METABOLIC AND CARDIOVASCULAR SEROLOGY LFTs Fasting Lipids TC HDL LDL TG HBa1c FBSL SNAPE Smoking - nil Alcohol -...

Alcohol Use and Misuse in Aviation Medicine

Return to flying after alcohol use requires documented abstinence from problematic use, no sequelae from use, and normalisation of blood tests (LFTS, MCV and carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT))dr thomas perkins, casa designated aviation medical examiner...

What Makes A Good CASA DAME Report?

It goes without saying that good reporting in Aviation Medicine is the mainstay of quality in reporting and outcomesDr thomas perkins, aviation medical officer and casa dame To assist CASA's consideration of applicants where there is doubt about ability to meet the...

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