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Submitting DVA Claims when based at RAAF Richmond

At Veterans Health Centre (VHC) we are committed to delivering comprehensive care for veterans. This includes exceptional healthcare alongside in-depth DVA claims support. VHC is here to help veterans navigate their healthcare needs and transition to civilian life post medical discharge. 

For professional help submitting DVA Claims in Richmond paired with a uniquely tailored approach to your health needs, VHC is the team you need.

How We Help Richmond Veterans with DVA Claims

Founded in 2019, VHC is owned and run by ex ADF Dr Thomas Perkins, who recognised the need for a more holistic and supportive approach to veterans’ health. At VHC, we know that dealing with the DVA and struggling with complex submission forms is counterintuitive to your recovery.  

This is why our dedicated team of experts handle your paperwork and submissions for DVA claims in Richmond alongside:   

  • Post-discharge health care
  • Interactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • The DVA claims process  
  • Ongoing DVA approved health care  

We’ll be with you every step of the way, completing all assessments required by the DVA and sourcing supporting paperwork. Our team members will establish your ongoing healthcare plan and process the final submission of your DVA claims in Richmond. 

Whether you are preparing to claim for injury management, pain management, chronic illness management, mental health services or support and management of musculoskeletal injuries we are here to streamline the process. 

Our team of experienced ex ADF personnel have built up an advanced understanding of the DVA inner workings which puts us in a position to deliver exceptional outcomes. To further support your claims process you are matched with a medico-legal representative whose job is to thoroughly check and fine-tune your paperwork pre-submission. This aims to eliminate any administrative or clinical issues that could interfere with the approval of your claim.

At VHC, we are passionate about creating a safe, supportive space for veterans that meets their healthcare needs and eliminates the stress caused by having to deal with the DVA. Our focus is on providing you the time and space needed to adjust to life outside of service and to meet your health goals.  

Genuine Veteran Care from the Team You Can Trust

Being ex ADF personnel, our team possesses a unique understanding of your position as a veteran. These insights help us to serve veterans and provide intensive, appropriate support when it is needed most.  

Avoid confronting situations or misunderstandings that can occur when explaining your life in service to someone inexperienced with the ADF. Having been there ourselves, and as your extended ADF family, we are here to honour that service and provide the outstanding care you deserve. Something we achieve through a large network of trusted professionals who are just as dedicated to your care as we are.   

Skip the stress and anxiety that dealing with the DVA brings. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate experts are here to handle it all. Give yourself room to recover through our exceptional care approach and facilitation of DVA claims in Richmond. Call Veterans Health Centre today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726). 

Avoiding confronting situations or misunderstandings that can occur when explaining your life in service to someone inexperienced with the ADF, is important for veteran's ongoing health.

Servicing Veterans in Richmond and Beyond

Other areas we service in the Richmond NSW area and surrounds include: 

  • Baulkham Hills  
  • Beaumont Hills  
  • Bligh Park  
  • Box Hill
  • Castle Hill
  • Freemans Beach 
  • Glenwood 
  • Kellyville Ridge
  • Kurrajong  
  • Londonderry
  • McGraths Hill
  • Mulgrave
  • North Richmond
  • Stanhope Gardens
  • Pitt Town
  • Quakers Hill
  • Riverstone
  • Rouse Hill
  • Schofields
  • The Ponds
  • The Slopes
  • Wilberforce
  • Windsor
  • Yarramundi


If you don’t see your location listed, we would encourage you to still contact our team who will do their best to assist you in whatever way they can. While our clinic’s physical location is in the suburbs of Brisbane, we work as hard as we can to make our comprehensive approach to veteran’s health care accessible to all veterans who require it.