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DVA Claims

Get your claims recognised. 

We specialise in diagnosis of disease in accordance with the DVA Statements of Principles and the ICD-10

This is done through a process of history, examination and investigation, and integrated into your healthcare, and with Impairment Assessments in mind.

For many injuries and diseases, DVA requires diagnosis by a specialist including test or imaging reports. The DVA Diagnosis form is used, along with supporting information, to create the basis for the claim. 

The process consists of a thorough assessment of the history, examination, investigations and we use this to ensure that you have met the criteria for having your claim accepted, as well as informing the future Permanent Impairment Assessment

In this way, you have created an accurate and tight DVA claim that will ideally “sail through” the process of Claim Acceptance within DVA, and avoid adminsitrative and clincial issues with your DVA claim. 

At completion of the process, we find every possible claim, and fill out the D2409 forms to the standard required by DVA, with supporting information to back up the claim.

Articles on DVA

DVA and Mefloquine

A paper describing the current position of DVA regarding Mefloquine and Tafenoquine Concerns have been raised about links between the antimalarial medications, mefloquine and tafenoquine, and adverse health effects. What is malaria?   Malaria is a deadly disease...

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How to Obtain your ADF Medical Records

How to Obtain your ADF Medical Records

Former Members of the Australian Defence Force can obtain their medical records via requesting them from Defence Records in Canberra Access to service records How you access your service records will depend on the type and age of the records. Some records are held by...

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DVA Mefloquine Tafenoquine Health Checks

Veterans Health Centre has partnered with BUPA and DVA to provide health assessments for Veterans who are concerned about their exposure to Anti-Malarial medications Mefloquine and Tafenoquine used in Timor-Leste in the early 2000s. The Department of Veterans' Affairs...

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Tinnitus Scoring – the Nuances

There is something to be aware of when assessing theseverity of Tinnitus, in that there is a potential disconnect between the scoring systems used by Medical Professionals - Doctors, Audiologists  vs the scoring system used by DVA. Lets examine the...

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Permanent Impairment Assessment – 9 Nov 20

We completed a 9 claim Permenent Impairment Assessment today. Done over multiple sessions, with some fairly complex interplay and nuances with the conditions, we completed this over a 2 week timeframe, in slow time as to get the details all correct. 

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