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Assistance with DVA Claims Hobart

Are you an ADF veteran discharged due to illness or injury acquired during service? If so, then navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) is going to feature prominently in your future. If you are yet to begin the process of preparing and submitting your DVA claim in Hobart and feel overwhelmed by its complexities, the team at Veterans Health Centre (VHC) can help.

Comprised of dedicated ex-ADF personnel, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional healthcare and support to veterans.

If you are preparing to submit a DVA claim in Hobart, we encourage you to call and speak with our team first. Our goal is to support veterans achieve optimal outcomes in their physical and mental recovery as well as their DVA claims.

How We Help Hobart Veterans with DVA Claims

With many years supporting veterans to recover and transition to civilian life post medical discharge, we’ve seen firsthand how the DVA claims process can negatively influence this journey.

Amid the pressure linked with securing an approval, huge volumes of paperwork combined with confusing medical and administrative terminology can see veterans struggle to focus on what matter most, their recovery.      

Dr Thomas Perkins opened VHC in 2019 after leaving the ADF himself. With the afore mentioned challenges in mind, he opted to include comprehensive claims support alongside existing healthcare services.

At Veterans Health Centre we value your service and are committed to handling as much of the DVA claims process as possible.

We help veterans navigate their DVA Claims in Hobart through:  

  • Post-discharge health care 
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) 
  • DVA claims process  
  • DVA health care  

Possessing in-depth knowledge and skill regarding the DVA’s inner workings and an ADF background, our team offers unmatched expertise. For claims related to injuries or illness as a result of your time in service, VHC is the best possible choice for veterans.

We handle initial assesments, facilitate ongoing, tailored health care plans, source supporting paperwork and more. To ensure no delays due to clinical or administrative errors, we assign a medico-legal representative to review all claims before submission.

Our experience with DVA claims in Hobart gives us the insights needed to help veterans better understand the system and what their claims outcome may be.

Seeking DVA approved healthcare for injury management, pain management, chronic illness management, mental health services or support and management of musculoskeletal injuries? VHC are the team you can trust to help you secure these services.

Physiotherapist typing on keyboard in front of computer screen with Physiotherapist Report and pen sitting on wooden desk - Help with DVA Claims in Amberley - Contact VHC today
Female sitting at wooden desk in office looking at forms for DVA Claims in Amberley on computer screens and typing on keyboard - Contact VHC today
Group of medical staff in hospital room discussing DVA Claims Amberley - Contact VHC today
Male doctor helping male patient test hand strength in clinic rooms - Help with Submission of DVA Claims Amberley - Contact VHC today

Genuine Veteran Care from the Team You Can Trust

Veterans’ Health Centre is unique in that our care is provided by your wider defence force family. Our shared understanding of a life in service helps veterans to relax in our care, knowing they are with likeminded individuals – something other providers can struggle to deliver.

Our veterans deserve a supportive, safe environment from a team that is dedicated to their best interests. We have created the best possible launchpad for recovery by combining exceptional healthcare with DVA claims support in one turn-key clinic.

For tailored care, free of judgement from compassionate professionals, Veterans Health Centre is the team you need in your corner. To learn more about how we can assist your recovery and the preparation and submission of your DVA claims in Hobart, contact our team today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726).

We are dedicated to reducing the stress, anxiety and frustration associated with dealing with the DVA.

Areas we service around Hobart to assist Veterans with their DVA Claims

Our personalised and genuine care related to DVA Claims in Hobart is also available for veterans living in the following areas:

  • Battery Point
  • Sandy Beach
  • Dynnynre
  • Mount Nelson
  • Tolmans Hills
  • Mount Stuart
  • Queens Domain
  • Lenah Valley
  • New Town
  • Rose Bay
  • Rosny
  • Bellerive
  • Lindisfarne
  • Warrane
  • Moonah
  • Glenorchy
  • Rosetta

If for any reason you require assistance as a veteran but do not see your area listed above, please still contact our team. We are committed to ensuring all veterans find suitable care and will do our best to assist.