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Submitting your DVA Claims From Darwin

Are you a veteran located in the Northern Territory who is about to submit a DVA claim in Darwin? If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and that your physical and mental health is being impacted as a result, you’re not alone.

At Veterans Health Centre (VHC) we are here to help our valued ex-servicemen and women comprehensively navigate the process for DVA claims in Darwin. Since its inception in 2019 by ex ADF member Dr Thomas Perkins and his team of ex ADF professionals, VHC has supported hundreds of veterans in Darwin to achieve optimal outcomes – both for their health and with the DVA. 

If you are preparing to submit DVA Claims whilst posted to/or based in Darwin, make sure you speak to with our team first.

Helping Veterans in Darwin with their DVA Claims

Offering completely tailored personal healthcare plans and in-depth DVA claims support is just part of how we help veterans transition into their new normal. Our focus is on reducing the stress related to the preparation, submission and approval of DVA claims while giving veterans access to the care they need to regain their quality of life.

Our genuine and comprehensive care for veterans and their DVA claims in Darwin also extends to managing:  

  • Post-discharge health care  
  • Interactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)  
  • The DVA claims process
  • Ongoing DVA approved health care  

 We understand that medical discharge can involve any number of health-related concerns. We are equipped to support our veterans with all concerns related to injury management, pain management, chronic illness management, mental health services or support and management of musculoskeletal injuries.  

Our team has years of experience delivering fantastic claims outcomes to veterans thanks to their extensive knowledge of the DVA and their own backgrounds in ADF service. From your initial assessment to reporting, claims paperwork and supporting documents to the final submission, we are with you, every step of the way.

We are so committed to eliminating DVA headaches that we even assign a medico-legal representative to review all claims prior to submission. In doing this, we aim to eliminate any and all administrative or clinical complications that could delay the approval of your claim.   

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Male doctor helping male patient test hand strength in clinic rooms - Assistance with DVA Claims Darwin - Contact VHC today
Woman sitting in front of computer screens typing on keyboard providing help with submission of DVA Claims in Darwin - Contact VHC today
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Servicing Veterans in the NT and Beyond

While our clinic is located in the suburbs of Brisbane, we also extend our care and expertise to veterans living in the Northern Territory and other States of Australia. Before submitting your DVA claims in Darwin, we highly recommend reaching out to our team. Save yourself significant stress, confusion, and frustration and enlist our help.  

We’re here for Veterans from the Northern Territory

If being cared for as a veteran by a team of highly educated and experienced ex ADF personnel is what you’ve been looking for, then VHC should be your first and only call. As part of your wider ADF family, we offer genuine care that comes from a place of shared experience and understanding.

With Veterans Health Centre as your care provider, you’ll avoid the potential for misunderstandings or having to explain yourself to someone unfamiliar with the ADF lifestyle. Additionally, our extensive collection of resources, trusted connections and experience with the DVA help us deliver optimal outcomes for veterans.

No matter where you are in your journey post medical discharge and dealing with the DVA, we can help. For genuine and comprehensive veterans health care in Darwin contact Veterans Health Centre today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726).

You will never need to explain yourself or your struggles to assimilate back to civilian life - all our staff have experienced it themselves.

Experience the Difference of Quality Veteran Care

What sets Veterans Health Centre apart is our background as ADF personnel. Unlike other health care providers, we approach your care from a unique position as fellow ex-servicemen and women.

You will never need to explain yourself or your struggles to assimilate back to civilian life – all our staff have experienced it themselves. We deeply value your sacrifice as veterans and are committed to providing world-class healthcare through our network of trusted professionals.

Our goal is to eliminate the anxieties felt by many of our patients facing the scrutiny of the DVA delegates and approvals board. Creating space for you to focus wholly on the recovery of your health and rebuilding your life outside of the ADF is what we are all about. 

We meet you where you are at on your journey post-discharge, from initial assessments and reporting to claims completion, submissions and approvals, our team is here to help with it all. For more information regarding the submission of your DVA claims in Darwin, contact our team today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726).