Providing Health Care for Veterans in Springfield

Seeking exceptionalveterans health care in Springfieldtailored to meet your unique needs? Ex ADFDr Thomas Perkins and his team ofex-servicemenand women are here to help. Established in 2019, Veterans Health Centreprovidesworld-class health care alongside comprehensive DVA claims support for veterans discharged due to illness or injury obtained during service.

The team at VHC understands how challenging it can be to transition into civilian life after yearswithinthe ADF; aprocess that is made harder still for veterans whohave todeal with the DVA. Our goal is to create a winning health care plan for veterans whileeliminatingthe stress and anxiety caused through interactions with the DVA.Weaim to provide thespace needed to focus on their recovery and new lifestyle. 

Springfield Veterans Health Care - The Easy Way!

At VHC we take a balanced approach to veteran carebylooking beyond the clinical aspects to provide comprehensive DVA claims completion and submission,along withsocial support. It’sthis holistic approach that sets us apart from other centres for veteran care.

We have seen the negative impacts on health and recovery that DVA induced stress can cause. This is why we offer intensive DVA claims support as part of our treatment services. Webelievethat thiscontributes to the best possible environment for recovery,as well as optimal claims outcomes.

We handle all DVA required health assessments, any associated paperwork and the final DVA submission.Our processes have been hugely  successful  in  eliminating  any  unnecessary stress for our veterans.

DVA support is just one ofa range ofservices we offer.We also provide the following bulk-billed services related toveteranshealth care in Springfield:

  • Initial liability assessments and claims
  • Permanent Impairment Assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • GP Management Plans
  • Team Care Arrangements
  • Mental Health Care Plans and more.

Our years spent in practice have helped us develop a trusted network of health care professionals. This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and other specialists. Through
acombination of our varied skills and expertise we have developed a level of
veteranshealth care in Springfieldwhich is truly unique.

Our highly personalised approach allows us to expertly manage ongoing care for a range of issues. This includes,butnot limited to,injury management, pain management, chronic illness management, mental health services, support and management and musculoskeletal injuries and their pain management.

Social support services such as Mates4Mates form another integral part of the care we offer. Through these support services veteranshave the opportunity toform new relationships, reconnect with their identity and engage in “compassionate bridging”. This facilitates agentler, moresupported transition to life outside the ADF.

Veteran Care for Springfield Veterans That Is a Cut Above

Don’tbe overwhelmed at the prospect of finding your ideal provider ofveteran’shealth care in Springfield, simply call Veterans Health Centre. As part of your extended ADF family there is no better team to care for you post medical discharge. Our shared experiences in the ADF provide us with unique insights that help us properly support you while you navigate your health and new life outside of service.

Avoid awkward interactions or having to explain yourself to those who have never experiencedlife withinthe ADF. Having lived it ourselves, we already understand. It is thisempathy andunderstanding combined with our professional connections, resources and insider knowledge of the DVA that makes us the premier choice for veterans.

Work with a team that is truly dedicated to delivering exceptionalveteranshealthcare in Springfield. Contact Veterans Health Centre today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726)

At Veterans Health Centre our focus is on making veterans feel as comfortable as possible and equipping them with the tools and connections they require to make an optimal recovery.

Servicing Veterans in Springfield and Beyond

Our Brisbane clinic providesveteranshealth care in Springfieldas well as residents of the following areas:

  • Augustine Heights   
  • Brookwater    
  • Greenbank   
  • New Beith   
  • Redbank Plains   
  • Springfield Lakes 

Should you live outside these areas and wish to speak with us regarding your care or dealing with the DVA,please reach out to our team. Our dedication to veterans means that we will always do our best to assist or match you with a trusted care provider in your area. 


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