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Health Care

Get well and stay well.

We provide Veterans health care, recognising the unique nature of military service and the resultant health effects.  

We use DVA and Medicare to optimise Veterans Health – to get you well and to keep you well. 

DVA Claims

Get your claims up. 

We specialise in DVA diagnosis of disease in accordance with the DVA Statements of Principles for DVA Claims.

This is done through a process of history, examination and investigation to get your DVA Claims processed.

Permanent Impairment Assessments

Get it right the first time.

We utilise clinical acumen and understanding of the DVA processes to do permanent impairment assessments right.

This results in a comprehensive and independent report aligned with the GARP and the AMA Impairment Guides. 

Latest Success Stories

Update – 10 Sep 2020

Update – 10 Sep 2020

Today we met a young female ADF veteran, recently discharged. We completed her Veterans Health Check, did her GP Management Plan, her Team Care Arrangement (useful Medicare tools to organise healthcare), did her referrals and added two extra DVA claims in on her DVA...

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9 Sep 2020 Update – DVA Diagnoses done!

9 Sep 2020 Update – DVA Diagnoses done!

Today we helped a currently serving ADF Member who is is the process of discharging from the ADF. Over the course of an hour, we worked through a lengthy history, completed 9 DVA Diagnosis forms to assist with his DVA claims, worked through some possible claims that...

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