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Submitting your DVA Claims in Tindal

Facing theDVA claims process in Tindaland feeling overwhelmed andunder supported? At Veterans Health Centre (VHC) we provide comprehensive medical care for veterans as well as advanced DVA claims support. Whether you are recently discharged or simply seeking a change in care providers, VHC is the teamyou can trust

At VHC we are passionate about supporting veterans with theirDVA claims in Tindal,alongside the provisionof world-class health care. We recognise that eliminating the stress and anxiety of dealing with the DVA creates the best possible platform for our veteran’s recovery in the longer term.

How We Help Tindal Veterans with DVA Claims

After discharging from the ADF, Dr Thomas Perkins realised there was a genuine need for more supportive, holistic care for veterans. This led to the establishment of VHC in 2019 as both a health care clinic and DVA claims specialist for veterans.Ourhopewas, and remains,that with the creation of this tailored approach, weprovideour veterans the space and peace of mind they need to focus on their recovery.

Our dedicated team of experts manage all aspects of your healthcare and submissions forDVA claims inTindalalongwith 

  • Post-discharge health care 
  • Interactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) 
  • The DVA claims process  
  • Ongoing DVA approved health care  

From your initial DVA required assessments to the organising of supporting paperwork, ongoing healthcare plan creation and submission ofDVA claims inTindal, we’ll beright by your side. 

We offer claims support for injury management, pain management, chronic illness management, mental health services or support and management of musculoskeletal injuries. Our goal is to simplify and streamline the process. 

TheVHC teams’ability to deliver exceptional care and claims outcomes for veterans stems from their own experience as ex ADF members. They also have an unmatched understanding of the inner workings of the ADFthroughhaving helped hundreds of veterans over the years.

The assignment of a medico-legal representative to check and fine-tune your claim before submission further strengthens your position. This thorough approach helps eliminate administrative or clinical issues that may interfere with the processing or approval of yourDVA claimsinTindal.

VHC is wholly focused on our veterans’ recovery.Dealing with the DVA and easing the burden and stress they can cause helps to achieve this. We give veterans the space andsupportthey need to best adjust to their new lifestyle,andtomeet their health goals.

Veteran's Health Centre doctor doing hand strength test with patient

Unmatched Support  and  Care  for  Tindal Veterans

As all our team are ex ADF personnel, veterans can rest in the knowledge that they are being cared for by their extended ADF family. We are positioned to uniquely understand your situation, with no need to ever explain yourself or face misunderstanding from those inexperienced with ADF life.  

These insights have allowed us to develop a trulyone-of-a-kindapproach to care that meets and exceeds the standard level of care so often given to veterans. We are with you every step of the way, connecting you with trusted professionals in our networkto reachthe best possible outcomes 

Secure the expert care and support you deserve as a veteran and reduce the challenges of dealing with DVA alone. ForDVA claims in Tindalpaired with outstanding care contact Veterans Health Centre today on 1300 VETERAN (8383726). 

Eliminating the stress and anxiety of dealing with the DVA creates the best possible platform for our veteran’s recovery in the longer term.

We assist all Tindal veterans and currently serving ADF members to process their DVA Claims

Our exceptional care and management ofDVA claims in Tindalare also available for residents of Katherine and other locations in the Northern Territory. While our clinicis located inthe Brisbane suburbs, we endeavour to make our unique care approach available to all veterans who need it.

If for any reason we are unable to assist, we will do our utmost to connect you with other trusted professionals from our network.