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Mental Health

Defence Service is incredibly tough on mental health. Be it due to the nature of the duties, toxic workplaces, the unique aspects of the general stress of service and deployment, or exposure to harrowing circumstance, DVA have basically awarded “streamlined acceptance” to mental health conditions as standard level of care. 

The common conditions that we normally see include:

  • Post Truamtic Stress Disorders
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorders
  • Major Depressive Disorders
  • Adjustment Disorders

They can be co-morbid with alcohol, prescription or recreational drug use, relationship difficulties, pain from chronic injuries, and exacerbated by un/under-employment and the general cognitive experience of the period of service. 

Our approach to management is to identify all of the contributing factors, and combine:

  • solution-based therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • potential financial improvement through DVA claim progression
  • judicious medication use
  • optimal pain management
  • lifestyle – exercise, diet, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, alcohol minimisation.

Veterans Health Centre

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