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Health Care

Quality in healthcare for veterans is the cornerstone of our ethos.  We aim to utilise the financial resources of Medicare and DVA, and the clinical resources of our considerable experience in providing health care to members of the ADF and Veterans.


Veterans Health Checks

The Veterans Health Check is the time-based tool that we use to establish your health care needs, your specialist and Allied Health network, and set up the requirements for management of your conditions. 


Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management is actually the cornerstone of healthcare. By setting health goals and a plan to achieve and track these goals, we set up a successful context for meaningful improvements in health, wellness.

Musculoskeletal Injury Management

Musculoskeletal injuries represent the most common pattern of conditions for ADF Veterans. We specialise in evidence-based management in context of estabished plans to assist you in managing your conditions and injuries.


Mental Health Management

Mental Health conditions are a long-recognised condition of all forms of active service, whether it be from conditions on operations, or the routine workplace “culture” that unfortunately pervades the organisation. 

Veterans Health Centre

70 Hall St, Sherwood, QLD

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