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Other Claims and Payments

If you lodge a claim for any other pension, benefit or allowance while this claim is being processed or after liability is accepted, you MUST advise DVA.
If you take legal action, you must notify DVA in writing as soon as practicable but no later than 7 days after the day on which you make the claim. You must also notify DVA in writing within 28 days of recovering any damages whether they be in the form of a ruling or settlement of claim. These time periods are a legislative requirement.

Personal Details

Bank Details

If payments are granted, they will be paid into an account at an Australian bank, credit union or building society. Please enter details of the account for payments.
To help ensure that payments are only made to eligible persons, we compare our records with those of other government agencies. Your Tax File Number is used for this purpose. All matching programs are monitored by the Privacy Commissioner who ensures that they are conducted in accordance with Data-matching Program (Assistance and Tax) Act 1990 and Guidelines. Access to your Tax File Number is restricted. If you lose or forget your number, you will need to contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). For more information about tax and your DVA payments, contact your nearest ATO or DVA office.

Proof of Identity

Please attach certified copies of at least 3 documents that prove your identity. Good quality photos are sufficient. One document from Category A, and two from Category B are required.

Where your current residential address is not included on the documents from Category A and B, one document from Category C is also required.

When attaching documents to your online application you must attach documents that are true and certified copies of original documents.
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Types of document allowed:
1. Australian Passport
2. Full Birth Certificate
3. Record of Immigration Status
4. Foreign Passport and Current Australian Visa
5. Travel Document and Current Australian Visa
6. Certificate of Evidence of Residential Status
7. Citizenship Certificate
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1. Australian Drivers Licence
2. Australian Passport
3. Australian Defence Force Identity Card
4. Medicare Card
5. DVA Card
6. Credit or Bank Account Card
7. Marriage Certificate
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1. Utilities Notice
2. Rent Details
3. Document from Nursing Home that provides evidence of residence

Veteran Payment

If you are claiming for a mental health condition, are currently unable to work more than eight hours per week and require financial assistance, you may be eligible for veteran payment.

Veteran payment provides financial assistance while your liability claim for a mental health condition is determined. For further information see Factsheet IS189 - Veteran Payment Overview.

Representative Authorisation

To appoint a representative for this claim it is required that the representative authorisation form (200KB, PDF) is printed, signed by the claimant and attached to the online claim.
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